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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Victory Hop Wallop

Good as hell.

For this posting, I'm going to review a rather fabulous beer (I say fabulous with a staunch record of heterosexuality).  This particular beer is called "Hop Wallop" and it's brewed by an awesome brewery out of Downingtown, PA called Victory Brewing Company.

I've pretty much NEVER been disappointed by a Victory brew and Hop Wallop is no exception.  This is a fantastic beer from a fantastic brewery and if you are a hop head, one you need to try NOW. On to the review.

Victory Hop Wallop
Victory Brewing Company
Downingtown, PA, USA
American Imperial/Double IPA
8.5% Alc. / Vol.


12 oz. brown bottle with a bottled on date.  Per the story on the label: "Horace 'Hop' Wallop headed West a broken man. For in the City of Blues a Miss LuLu Belle Lager had left him thirsting for more.  Drawn by wild tales of riches to be had in the gold mines, Hop pressed on westward.  His last nickel spent on a prospecting pan.  Hop's hunger got the best of him.  Two fistfuls of barley and three of some wild and wayward hops tossed in a pan with some clear water was to be his meal.  But sleep overcame him and he later awoke to a bubbling, cacophonous concoction.  Overjoyed with the beautiful ale that he had made, Hop realized the secret of the green gold he had discovered in those fresh hops.  Celebrated far and wide, Hop Wallop lives on in this vivid ale with his words, "hoppiness is happiness".  Enjoy!"  A beer with a backstory.  Fucking innovation in the craft beer world.  That's more back story than most characters in today's Hollywood movies have.  This isn't just a beer brewed and put on shelves for the enjoyment of craft beer lovers all over the USA.  No, this is a beer with a fucking story, which makes you appreciate and love it that much more.  And when it's gone you genuinely grieve, because given the backstory of the mascot Horace "Hop" Wallace and the epic story behind the creation of this beer (his jilting via Miss LuLu Bell Lager leading to his adventure West and nearly starving to death) makes you relate to it.  It brings a tear to the eye.

I am drinking this from my tulip.  If you are a craft beer drinker and you don't have a tulip GET YOU ONE!  Otherwise, all of your efforts are useless.

A side note is that Bill Covaleski, co-founder and head brewer, does all the artwork for the beer labels himself.  This is fucking awesome.  Not only does he brew it, but he's doing the art for the labels, too.  Phenomenal. This dude knows what's up.


Awesome white head on this rather clear colored beer that leaves a nice sticky lacing down the glass.  It's like the bubbles are little mini Spidermen leaving webbing down the side of the glass as they are chasing Dr. Hoptopus in his attempt to steal the gold that gives this beer it's gorgeous hue.


Loads of citrus and loads of pine.  Orange, grapefruit, and pine cones.  All day.  It's like you spent the night in a citrus grove and instead of coffee when you woke up you took some pine cones and fruit from the trees and had this for breakfast.  Super aromatic beer.

Taste and Mouth Feel

Medium body with a nice crisp mouth feel.  Taste is identical to the smell: Citrus including orange peel, a bit of lemon, grapefruit and tons of pine.  It's a tongue twister.  Citrus pine cone punch to the face.  Say that 5 times fast.  And do it while drinking this beer.  It's like trying to conjure Jesus at a seance.  Not gonna happen. A small malt backbone is there right up front to keep the hops in check, like a manpon with mudbutt, but the hops are definitely doing work throughout the rest of the experience.  Despite the 8.5% ABV, there is no alcohol burn to speak of.  Fantastic balance in this beer.


As hell.  If you are a hop head, this is a phenomenal beer that is a fantastic example of the DIPA style.  Maybe even an example of what DIPA's SHOULD be like going forward.  And this is an East Coast IPA.  The West Coast is known for their IPA's but Victory is putting them on notice.  If you haven't had this beer yet and you consider yourself a hop head, go ahead and cry yourself to sleep every night until you get the chance to try because YOU ARE missing out.  

Overall, this beer is the shit.  Everything about this beer is awesome, from the appearance to the balance in the taste.  The name itself accurately identifies what this beer is about.  You will get a wallop of awesomeness right in the face.  Hope you have a cast iron jaw!!

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