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Monday, May 9, 2011

I Have Too Much Time On My Hands...

I'm a sucker for classic cars, and, I can't lie; this is fucking awesome. I really like this. I mean REALLY. And if I could afford one of the new Camaros I would have this done PRONTO. I know, I know, the Judge is a Pontiac but Pontiac is adios and you "make do" with what you have. And I wouldn't exactly call this "making do". Besides, the new Camaro IS based off the Pontiac GTO chassis, so technically it is a GTO and it looks pretty damn sweet. And the Judge is one of the baddest cars ever made. I just imagined a scenario in my head that goes something like:

Scene - Dusk. Sean rolls up to a stop light in his Judge. A modified Honda Civic is sitting at the light. Because there is a shit ton of these in Miami. Sean's window is down and the driver of the Civic looks over, doing a double take to make sure he is really seeing what he thinks he is seeing.

Tuner Driver - "OYE! Mira! HA! Where did you get that done? Is that a Judge?"

Sean - "Indeed. And the Jury. And the Executioner."

The light turns green, then I drop it and fishtail all epically and smoke the tires and I'm gone. I'd probably get "Jury" over the rear quarterpanels and "Executioner" put on the back so when people see the me pass they get the whole effect. Yeah, I have too much time on my hands.

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