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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Porsche Owners...

This definitely falls in the category of unacceptable.  So, we are driving back from Walgreens and we are sitting at a red light, and sitting in cross traffic was a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.  With a piece of duct taped cardboard for a rear passenger window. Yeah, you just read that.  DUCT TAPE. CARDBOARD WINDOW. IF YOU CAN AFFORD A FUCKING PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO YOU CAN AFFORD A NEW REAR WINDOW!!! Now, I don't know the story behind this cardboard "window". Someone probably tried to break in... One of the neighborhood kids could have hit a ball through it...  I don't know. But come on. It's a Porsche and you own it. To me, that comes off as someone who can't really AFFORD the car, but purchased it to say "Hey, I drive a Porsche SUV"; strictly a status symbol.  That's sad. Because now they are driving around in that $100,000 SUV with a piece of cardboard where there should be glass and everyone knows they can't really afford it.

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